WATCH: Little Baby Says, “I Thought That’s What you All Expected. What’s Up With All this Noise: Baby is startled by his family’s excited reaction when he says ‘Dada’ for the first time in adorable video

The TikTok video is hilariously captioned: ‘‘When you say your first word and everyone’s excitement scares the c**p out of you’

This is the adorable moment a baby boy said his first words – but wasn’t quite ready for the delighted reaction.

Footage filmed by Kalin Kelleher, from Alamosa, Colorado, shows seven-month-old Kailor repeating her and saying ‘Dada’ in front of the pair’s thrilled family and friends.

As soon as he says it, relatives scream in delight, prompting the little boy to flinch, his smiling face switching to wide-eyed shock as he turns to see where the loud noise came from.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Kaya Terry