In Times of Deep Political Divide in D.C., One Ministry is Dedicated to Bringing ‘Hope to the Hill’

WASHINGTON – In this time of deep division in our country, there can be a tendency to sense there’s no hope in Washington, D.C. However, one ministry is working hard to defeat that feeling.

Their mission is simple – provide prayer and pastoral support for all those God has put in office.

At Hope to the Hill Ministries in D.C., the goal is to encourage, support, and minister to powerful and stressed politicians.

“The whole idea is we’re focusing on their faith. Their faith journey. How things are going for them in their lives – and they see that we’re not asking questions about how they feel about this issue or that issue,” explained Hope to the Hill’s George Roller.

The only thing Roller and his colleague Nathan Kistler want from members of Congress is to build relationships and pray with them.

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Source: CBN