Here We Go: This Church Does Worse – Idaho Church Replaces Stained Glass Window Depicting Robert E. Lee, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln With Image of America’s First Black Female Methodist Bishop Wearing a Homosexual-Lesbian Scarf – the Devil Is a Lie. Daniel Whyte III Asks Whatever Happened to Billy Graham and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

An Idaho church has replaced a stained glass window of Robert E Lee, George Washington and Abe Lincoln with the country’s first black Methodist bishop wearing an LGBTQ scarf.

The late bishop Leontine Kelly, who passed away at age 92 in 2012, had lived in Richmond, Virginia with her family where monuments of former Confederate leaders, such as Lee, had lined Monument Avenue.

The statue of Lee, a former Civil War general and slave owner, was later removed by the city on September 8.

The call to remove the statue had been recommended by Governor Ralph Northam in June 2020 as Lee was believed to have represented a time of racial injustice.

The stained glass window at the Cathedral of the Rockies First Methodist Church in Boise, Idaho, which featured Lee was taken down in August 2020.

The window, erected in 1960, featured Lee standing with Washington and Lincoln who were ‘selected to show historic and contemporary leaders of our nation,’ according to the Idaho Statesman.

Kelly now stands in place of these three men, while donning an LGBTQ scarf, and standing proud with her hands folded.

She had been elected as the first black Methodist bishop in a 1984 ceremony.

The portrayal of the former bishop was inspired by a photo taken of Kelly where she calmly stood in the midst of a 1985 protest against nuclear armaments.

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Source: Daily Mail