Kentucky Family Thankful to be Alive After Tornado Sucked Them Out of Bathroom and Sent Them Flying

A Kentucky family was left shaken, bloodied and bruised, but alive after a tornado ripped them from a Dawson Springs home and sent them flying.

As tornadoes touched down across western Kentucky over the weekend, Jackie Koon, her husband, Doug, and their three children took shelter at her mother’s house, she said in a Facebook post.

The devastating series of tornadoes between Dec. 10 and 11 killed at least 80 people, the Lexington Herald-Leader reported. That number is expected to reach 100 as search efforts continue.

Gov. Andy Beshear called it the “most severe tornado event in Kentucky’s history.”

While Kentucky is the hardest hit, tornadoes also touched down in Arkansas, Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee.

The Koon family huddled together in the bathroom, knowing a twister was tearing a path of destruction toward them. They were “thinking we were going to die,” Jackie Koon said. And then it arrived.

“We all went flying and ended up way on the other end of our neighbor’s house,” she said.

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SOURCE: Lexington Herald-Leader, Mitchell Willetts