Florida Father Who Went on Hunting Trip Still Missing After Midwest Tornadoes

Jamie Antonio Hall

A North Florida family that has already lost two people from the tornado that hit Reelfoot Lake State Park late Friday night is missing a third family member.

Ashleigh Hall said her dad, Jamie Antonio Hall, was one of a group of eight who traveled from Tallahassee to Tiptonville to go duck hunting for the weekend.

“We still haven’t located him or heard from him,” Ashleigh said during a phone interview about 1 p.m on Saturday.

The death toll from a series of tornadoes that roared across at least five states continued to rise Sunday, as somber rescuers picked through the rubble of shattered buildings and communities, searching for survivors and remains.

More than 30 tornadoes were reported late Friday, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Kentucky was hardest hit, with at least 70 confirmed fatalities early Sunday, but scores more people were missing and feared dead elsewhere.

The group from Florida’s capital city was staying at the Cypress Point Resort. A couple hours before the storms got to Lake County, Hall, his brother Steve Gunn and Gunn’s young son all went to bed. The other five in the group were getting concerned about the storms and went to the resort’s clubhouse to hang out and watch the storm come through, not knowing how big it would be.

“We’re from Florida, so we’re used to staying put during a hurricane, but tornadoes are different, and they didn’t expect a tornado to hit the hotel as directly as it did,” Ashleigh Hall said.

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SOURCE: Jackson Sun, Brandon Shields