Deadliest storm in Kentucky’s history kills nearly 100 people, with first identified victims including judge and little boy: Devastating pictures show survivors picking through remains of their homes

A judge and a three-year-old boy are among the scores of victims in a historic tornado strike in Kentucky that has left communities reeling with its devastating impact.

The confirmed death toll in Kentucky alone is now higher than any tornado in the state’s history at 80, with the multi-state toll standing at 94 and expected to rise as recovery efforts continue.

The twisters that spread death and destruction across six states on Friday night were powerful enough to send a family photo flying 130 miles and derail a freight train in western Kentucky, which bore the brunt of the horrific storm.

As the sun rose on Sunday morning, survivors picked through the rubble to salvage anything they could in near-freezing temperatures, still shell-shocked at the scope of death and devastation and many without electricity or running water.

Kentucky District Judge Brian Crick, a married father of three who served McLean and Muhlenberg counties, was among those killed in the storm, the commonwealth’s Supreme Court chief justice confirmed.

The epicenter of the destruction was the town of Mayfield, a town of about 10,000 people in the far western part of Kentucky, where the Bluegrass State borders Illinois, Missouri and Tennessee .

Mayfield resident Angela Wheeler told WLWT-TV how she and her husband escaped through a window as their home came off its foundation, only to find their neighbors screaming for help after their three-year-old son was killed.

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Source: Daily Mail