Prison Ministry Helps Inmates Celebrate Christmas with Their Kids

Men and women who are serving life sentences in prison got the opportunity to see their children and even give them Christmas gifts – thanks to God Behind Bars, a ministry that “sets inmates on a journey to reconnect with their family through Christ and help them follow Him.”

“Our heart is for the children,” Isaac Holt, Director of Innovation at God Behind Bars, told CBN News. “We want to create dignity for their mom or dad. We want to restore that relationship with their family.”

Since 2009, God Behind Bars has partnered with churches across the country to transform the lives of prison inmates and their families.

“All is Bright” is their yearly event that reveals the true meaning of Christmas.

“Many people tell us that these men and women don’t deserve any of this,” God Behind Bars wrote on Facebook. “We disagree. The best way to show them the grace and love of Jesus is to give them the very best Christmas with their kids! It doesn’t matter if it’s deserved or not. This is the love of Jesus!”

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Source: CBN