WATCH: Openly Homosexual Jussie Smollett Is Guilty of Lying and Staging Race-Baiting Hate Attack Not Just to Boost His Career but to Make President Trump and His White Followers Look Like Racists and Haters of Black People – Daniel Whyte III Says Nobody With Any Common Sense, Black or White, Ever Believed This Foolishness From the Get-go. It is Also Shameful That He Lied on Two Young Black Men in an Attempt to Clear His Name As Well. I Really Hope He Has to Bring 20 Years of Jail to the Door and Does Not Get Probation for Causing This Unnecessary and Dangerous Situation in America

Josh Duggar’s Sister Jill Takes a Thinly-veiled Swipe at Father Jim Bob by Saying ‘We Have Been Lied to So Much’ as She Breaks Her Silence on Her Brother’s Child Porn Trial Verdict – As Daniel Whyte III Has Stated Before, Years Ago, Jim Bob Duggar Is at Fault Here Because He Did Not Protect His Daughters and Others From His Demonically Perverted Son. This Is a Tragedy That Will Keep Giving Pain for Generations to Come. The Duggar Family Really Needs to Go and Sit Down Somewhere

In Texas, a Battle Over What Can Be Taught, and What Books Can Be Read – Daniel Whyte III Says Pastors and Churches Are Responsible for the Heated Battles We Are Having in Texas, Virginia, and Across the Nation in Our Schools and Other Areas of Life on the Issues of Race, Homosexuality, and Gender, and He Personally Believes It Is Too Late for Pastors and Churches to Correct It Now. But if the 51% of Pastors Who Are Talking About Quitting Would Go on and Quit and the Other 49% Would Apologize and Repent Before the Nation and Before God, Then Possibly Things Will Change for All Things Are Possible With God.