Military Grants Zero Religious Exemptions as Vaccination Deadlines Come and Go

A growing number of U.S. service members say the military is stripping them of their religious liberties.

This news comes as many of the COVID-19 vaccination deadlines for active-duty members have passed without a single religious exemption being granted.

“It goes against my bodily sovereignty as a Christian. I mean God makes it very clear. This body that I’m given is my last bastion of freedom,” one Army National Guardsman described to CBN News about the vaccination mandate. At the request of legal counsel, he asked not to be identified.

He says he received other vaccines from the military without doing much research. But that wasn’t the case with the COVID-19 shot.

“This is supposed to be something that’s good for me and yet I’m being punished if I do not take something that’s good for me. When that was the case, when that happened, I began to question why is this being forced so heavily on us,” the Guardsman told CBN News.

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Source: CBN