There’s a devil loose: Horrific moment two masked assassins jump out of car – including one out of the SUNROOF – to shoot dead 21-year-old man and seriously injure his girlfriend in Bronx drive-by

A street cam captured the moment three masked men pull up in their black BMW sedan beside Sergio Jimenez, 21, on Sunday night, with one of the men sticking his body out of the car’s sunroof armed with a gun. The masked men on the sunroof and the back seat open fire at Jimenez and his girlfriend, 18, and a third man steps out of the black car to help shoot them. EMS pronounced Jimenez, the father of a 3-year-old boy, dead, and his girlfriend was taken to BronxCare Health System to be treated for gunshot wounds to her hand and back.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail