Lifestyles of Smart Parents

Spend a few minutes reading online news, and you’re bound to encounter the term smart parents. Writers throw it around as if there’s a single definition that everyone agrees upon. There isn’t. Who are these people? How do they live their lives? What are they doing that makes them so smart? And, if you want to count yourself among their ranks, what is a wise course of action?

These are just a few of the questions surrounding the concept of intelligent parenting. Most moms and dads who know a thing or two about raising children understand the importance of modeling good behavior. It’s not enough to tell, as it’s better to show. That rule applies to many areas of life but particularly to child rearing. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to look at how successful mothers and fathers operate to glean a few basic rules about being an effective parent. Here are details about how to model frugality, pay for college, emphasize safety, and take charge of the education establishment.

Model a Frugal Way of Living

Explain why budgets are powerful financial tools, but make sure that young ones also see how you practice frugality. For example, when making a grocery list, let them hear you run through the thought process of spending wisely, shopping for bargains, and using coupons efficiently. Modeling is the key to teaching youngsters about financial responsibility. Get your spending habits under control before demonstrating good practices to children. If you have trouble balancing the monthly budget, consider speaking with a consumer counselor and setting things right.

Pay for Your Child’s College Tuition

Wise moms and dads know that college is expensive. They also realize that funds and savings accounts seldom cover all the associated college or university education costs. If you don’t like the idea of your children graduating with a large amount of debt, Private Parent Loans (PPLs) are the way to go. These low-rate parent student loans are not cosigner agreements. In other words, parents, not children, are the borrowers. The good news is that it’s easy to apply for PPLs and get competitive rates, flexible terms, and the chance to pay for all school-related costs of a four-year degree.

Make Your Home a Safe Place

Part of being smart is knowing how to make your home a safe place. That means having regular fire drills, installing and routinely testing smoke detectors, keeping locks and security systems up to date, teaching kids about stranger danger posed by unannounced visitors, making sure youngsters know how to contact police and emergency services quickly, and eliminating hazardous slip-and-fall zones from your household.

Attend School Board Meetings

You need to be involved in the schools, don’t leave your child’s education to chance. Wise parenting includes taking charge of the school environment and participating in PTA gatherings, school board meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and more. Remember, you are the most important teacher in your child’s life. Everyone else is hired help. Always know what schools are teaching and be ready to step in and remove your children from any learning environment that goes against your beliefs and personal educational goals.