In Only the Way That Charlemagne Can Ask the Question, He Asks Travis Scott, “Do You Feel a Sense of Responsibility for What Happened That Night?” and Travis Scott Refuses to Take Responsibility for Astroworld Tragedy That Killed 10 and Blames His ‘in-ear’ Person for Not Telling Him Crowd Crush Was Becoming Deadly – Daniel Whyte III Says T.D. Jakes or Somebody Who Knows God for Real Needs to Tell Charlemagne to Get “God” Out of His Stage Name Before He Dies an Early and Tragic Death or Something Else Happens to Him. And by the Way No Christian Should Be Referring to Him as Charlemagne tha ______, Period, No Matter Where He Derives That From

Travis Scott has broken his silence following the fatal stampede at his AstroWorld concert last month, but is refusing to take responsibility as he faces a wave of lawsuits.

Speaking out about the November 5 tragedy that left 10 dead in Houston, Scott sat down with podcaster Charlemagne Tha God for an interview published on Thursday morning.

In the interview, Scott blamed his ‘in-ear’ person for not urging him to stop the show sooner, and claimed that he wasn’t aware of or responsible for the fatal stampede and crowd crush.

Scott said that he is ‘1000 percent’ certain he did everything he could have to prevent the tragedy, and claims he didn’t hear the screams and cries for help as the crowd went out of control.

‘Things happen, you know, and it’s just been such a time, and I’m just trying to just really figure things out,’ he said when asked why he was breaking his silence.

In a fiery statement to, the family of one of the victims killed at AstroWorld responded to the interview saying: ‘Every time Travis Scott opens his mouth in an effort to avoid responsibility and accountability, he further exacerbates the pain of those that lost loved ones.’

‘Because he won’t voluntarily do so, we intend to force Travis Scott to accept responsibility for his conduct, in court, in front of a jury,’ added the statement from the family of 21-year-old Axel Acosta, who perished in the stampede.

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Source: Daily Mail