Woman in Italy Undergoes Nine-Hour Exorcism After She Attacked Priest and Started Speaking in Different Voices and Languages

Church of Saint Mary of Mount Berico

A ‘possessed’ woman underwent a nine-hour exorcism after she attacked an Italian priest during confession and started speaking in different voices and languages.

The 28-year-old woman was accompanied by her family members to the Church of Saint Mary of Mount Berico in Vicenza, northern Italy, at around 11am on Sunday for confession.

But witnesses said the unnamed woman began to scream and swear inside the basilica, and spoke in different voices and languages, including Latin, Corriere del Veneto reported.

The woman ran through the confession rooms on the ground floor of the church, slapped her mother and attacked the priest running the confession, according to local news reports.

Four friars reportedly intervened and held a nine-hour-long exorcism for the woman, who they claimed was possessed by the devil.

The exorcism did not finish until 8.30pm when the woman collapsed and was taken home by her parents and younger brother, local media reported.

Father Giuseppe Bernardi, the exorcist of Monte Berico, Father Carlo Rossato and two other brothers were reported to have held the nine-hour long exorcism.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Kate Dennett