Inaccessibility to Scripture in Iran Spurs Indigenous Bible Translation

Image is a representative stock photo depicting a man and four women in Qom, Iran. (Photo courtesy of Javad Esmaeili/Pexels)

The Iranian government is among the most oppressive regimes globally. More about that here.

Good thing God’s at work! “It is impossible not to be passionate about what God is doing in Iran. God is doing something enormously amazing! Over a million Muslims in Iran have come to Christ. The harvest is plenty, and millions more are waiting,” Pastor Lazarus* says.

“But this is the catch: if we don’t have the Word of God in their soul languages, this excitement will vanish into thin air in a generation or two.”

Pastor Lazarus leads a ministry partnering with unfoldingWord in Iran. Although there is a Bible in Farsi, it won’t help millions of ethnic Iranians. “If you don’t have the Word of God in their language, they cannot read and study,” Pastor Lazarus explains.

“Iranian culture is a tapestry. There are over 74 different ethnic-background Iranians. [The] majority speaks Farsi, but the soul language is different. Sadly, [the] Word of God does not exist in these languages.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray for financial resources to complete and publish translation work in these five ethnic languages.
  • Pray many Iranians will encounter the Gospel in their heart language through these translations.