Here’s Why “Unsaved” and “Unreached” are Not the Same and Why It Matters

(Graphic courtesy of A Third of Us)

Theologian and pastor John Piper once said, “You have three choices in world missions: be a joyful, sacrificial goer, be a joyful, sacrificial sender, or be disobedient.”

Which one are you?

“People who love Jesus and understand the price of their salvation, we don’t want them to be in the ‘disobedient’ category. We want them to be part of the process of taking the Gospel to these people (the unreached),” missiologist Marv Newell says.

Newell heads up the Alliance for the Unreached. It’s a coalition raising awareness of unreached people groups and calling Christians to action under the “A Third of Us” banner. A third of the world is denied access to the Gospel.

“When we say that a third of humanity is unreached, we’re talking about people who have no access to the Gospel whatsoever,” Newell says.

“There are no churches nearby, no believers. There’s no Bible in their language.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Ask the Lord how He wants you to respond. Take action in obedience to His direction.
  • Share a photo of the three lines symbol on social media using the hashtag #athirdofus.