Florida Man Fatally Stabbed Restaurant Co-Worker Who Refused His Romantic Advances

Agustin Lucas Mariani faces second-degree murder charges.

A Miami Beach man whose repeated romantic advances to a restaurant co-worker were rejected killed her outside her apartment, according to reports.

Agustin Lucas Mariani, 20, faces second-degree murder charges for the fatal stabbing of Delfina Pan, a 28-year-old from Argentina who had refused to date him, the Miami Herald reported Friday.

According to the Miami Beach police’s report, released Thursday, a neighbor and friend of Pan’s said that on Monday night Mariani “arrived at the victim’s apartment, uninvited, and waited for the victim.”

Delfina Pan moved to the US two years ago and reportedly wanted to become a fashion designer. / Instagram

When Pan came home, Mariani requested to speak to her inside her apartment, but she refused — prompting an enraged Mariani to kill her, authorities say.

He “produced a knife and without being provoked began to stab the victim,” according to police. That knife was reportedly missing from the local restaurant where the victim and alleged perpetrator worked.

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SOURCE: New York Post, Sam Raskin