Eight Christian Families in India Ordered to Deny Their Faith or Face Violence and Social Boycott

Eight Christian families from Bansgoam village in India’s Chhattisgarh state were told to deny their faith or face a social boycott.

International Christian Concern (ICC) reports that the families attended a meeting on Nov. 22, along with 100 other villagers. They were told that the village gods and goddesses were upset because of the Christians and the practice of their faith.

When the Christians refused to recant their faith, village leaders shouted profanity at them and told them to leave.

A social boycott was also ordered against the families, denying them access to water from the well, the right to walk on the roads, permission to bury their dead, and payment for labor.

“Following the village meeting, the leaders put a lock on the tub well where the drinking water is drawn from,” Ganesh, a Christian villager, told ICC. “The villagers continue to threaten that they will drive us out of the village and kill us. We are holding our lives in our hands and feel very unsafe in the village. No one in the village is even talking to us.”

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SOURCE: CBN News, Andrea Morris