Fort Worth Father Arrested After Viciously Beating His Three-Year-Old Daughter to Death

Elena (credit: Malone family)

A father of five from Fort Worth is in jail charged in connection to the death of his 3-year-old.

Family members say Billy Joiner, Jr, should never have been allowed near his daughter, Elena.

“He just started punching her, punched her. She had a heart attack. She went into cardiac arrest,” said Miranda Malone, her aunt.

Relatives say they’re not sure what caused Joiner to snap Sunday, as her mother, Marissa, stood by.

“Marissa was saying the whole time that Billy was beating Elena, he was fighting like she was another grown ** man,” said her uncle, Matthew Malone. “She was just saying, ‘Daddy I love you. I’m sorry, I love you’ and he was just wailing on her.”

Elena’s family says her siblings, the couple’s four other children, all of them under the age of 5, saw what happened.

“The older daughter remembers my sister just saying, ‘Stop crying and he’ll stop hitting you. Stop crying and he’ll stop hitting you’,” said Miranda, who struggles to understand why her sister didn’t stop the assault.

Relatives say Elena arrived at the hospital with two black eyes, a broken arm, and bruises around her ears.

She’d suffered a traumatic brain injury, they say, and doctors removed a portion of her skull because of the swelling.

Her feet, family members say, had severe burns that were more than 24 hours old, revealing the abuse had gone on for days.

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