There’s a devil loose: Little Arthur’s step-mother is found GUILTY of his murder and his father is convicted of manslaughter after pair tortured, starved and beat the 6-year-old boy to death – as police bodycam footage shows self-pitying murderer crying and claiming emaciated boy beat HER

Emma Tustin, 32, (top) from Solihull, killed Arthur Labinjo-Hughes (right, with his father, Thomas Hughes) by repeatedly slamming his head on a hard service after she and 29-year-old Hughes repeatedly abused him. Today Tustin was convicted of murdering Arthur on June 17, 2020, during the Covid lockdown. Hughes was also found guilty of manslaughter for encouraging the killing, including by sending a text message to Tustin 18 hours before the fatal assault telling her ‘just end him’. But he was cleared of murder.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail