Parents of Michigan school shooter Ethan Crumbley, 15, are charged with four counts of manslaughter: Mom texted him saying ‘Ethan, don’t do it’ after school meeting hours before shooting and father bought gun with him on Black Friday. Daniel Whyte III Says This Is Good Because He Has Said for Many Years That for Any Child Who Shoots Up a School, the Parents Need to Go to Jail With Them. Daniel Whyte III Tells the Story of How One of His Psychology Teachers at Texas Wesleyan University Used to Tell the Class, “Your Duty as Parents Is to Raise Children That Are Lovable and Loving.” Daniel Whyte III Believes That Parenting Children Well Is Not Only a Spiritual Duty to God and a Family Duty but a Civic Duty Just Like Voting and Parents Who Don’t Do It Well Ought to Suffer Some Consequences Because Now We Have 4 Beautiful Teenagers Dead Before Their Time Because of a Boy Who Obviously Needed His Ass Whipped by His Parents, and I Am Mainly Talking to Sweet Evangelical/Baptist/Methodist/Charismatic Church Pastors and Parents. And Also for You So-called Christian Parents Who Are Trying to Make Your Public School Heaven When It Is Hell on Earth and Who Don’t Want to Bring Your Children Home Because You Want to Be Free, What Other Reason Do You Need to Bring Your Children Home With You. He Doesn’t Give a Flip About What the Children Want, Bring the Children Home Because We Are Going to Have Some More Young People Shoot Up Schools and Your Child May Be Next