Murky Jobs Report Conveys Mixed Signals About Economy as Holiday Season Approaches

A lackluster jobs report shows another unimpressive increase amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

With the holiday season fast approaching, analysts say there are plenty of jobs but not enough workers to fill them. The statistics are sending mixed signals ahead of the holidays. That’s because they show employers hired fewer employees in November than the prior month, yet show a surge in the number of workers taking jobs.

Economists say this ambiguous scenario paints an uncertain economic outlook.

So far this year, U.S. jobs have risen each month. Dismal numbers in September rebounded with a three-fold gain in October, totaling more than 500,000. Economists were hoping for another half-million increase in November – although the result of only 210,000 additional jobs dashed those hopes. President Biden told the nation Friday our economy is stronger than it was a year ago with a historic drop in unemployment.

In trying to inject a positive note, Biden pointed to the growth of a different kind in regard to start-ups.

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Source: CBN