Here We Go and the Devil is a Lie: Chicago Public Schools Banishing Sex-Specific Bathrooms to ‘Increase Gender Equity’

In the name of “gender equity,” the Chicago Public Schools system is doing away with boys’ and girls’ bathrooms, opting instead for gender-neutral restrooms.

CPS Title IX officer Camie Pratt introduced the sweeping changes at the beginning of the week, stating: “On top of ensuring that each of our schools is a safe environment, we’re also taking steps to create more inclusive and supportive schools. One change that will be implemented this school year relates to our school bathrooms.”

“In compliance with the new federal guidelines,” she continued, “all CPS students and staff will have fair and equitable access to bathroom facilities that align with their gender identity.”

Pratt said the district “will be providing schools with updated signage that makes our bathrooms more inclusive” and “will identify the fixtures available in each restroom and make it clear that all restrooms are open for use by anyone who feels comfortable.”

The CPS staff called the shift away from sex-based restrooms as “incredibly important.” All schools were ordered to change restroom signs by Wednesday.

CPS promoted the banishment of male-and female-designated bathrooms in a tweet posted this week: “We’re requiring all schools to adopt new signage to make our restrooms more inclusive. This is a big step forward for gender equity for our students and staff.”

According to a report from WFLD-TV, the new signs will say “all gender restroom” with the following note: “This is a single-stall restroom. All gender identities and expressions are welcome here.”

Source: Faithwire