‘Frontline’ Pastors ‘Risk Everything’ to Aid Orphans, Widows, War-Torn Families in Ukraine and Russia

‘Frontline pastors’ delivering aid in war zone.

Loves Park, USA (ANS) – A U.S. organization is aiming to help 1,300 “frontline pastors” and ministry workers in Russia and the former Soviet Union this winter who, it says, are “risking everything” to aid orphans, widows, and suffering families.

During the pandemic, local pastors across Russia and the former Soviet Union have trekked hundreds of miles on foot — often in remote areas and brutal weather — to deliver food, medicines, and Bibles door-to-door, and “share God’s love,” says Slavic Gospel Association (SGA, www.sga.org).

In eastern Russia — close to the Arctic Circle — Pastor Yegor helped anxious villagers during a raging forest fire that threatened their homes and lives. Several members of his church joined the volunteer firefighters, and Christian medics provided care at the scene.

‘Frontline Pastors’ Risk All

“That’s why we call them ‘frontline pastors’,” said SGA president Michael Johnson, who just visited Russia and neighboring Ukraine, where several local pastors partnering with SGA serve in a war zone. “These pastors are risking everything to serve their communities — even their own safety and lives.”

The Illinois-based organization aims to raise $130,000 to help 1,300 local pastors and ministry workers — like Pastor Yegor — get through the harsh winter months, when many face poverty, hunger, and bone-freezing conditions. In Siberia, Russia, temperatures in January can plummet to minus 60 degrees Fahrenheit — or even lower.

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SOURCE: Assist News Service