Ex-Washington Football Team Quarterback Robert Griffin III to Release Book Detailing Sexual Harassment he Experienced While Playing for the Team

The book ‘Surviving Washington’ will detail events relating to sexual harassment as well as medical mismanagement and power struggles within the organization. The book will be released in August 2022.

An ex-Washington Football Team quarterback is releasing a book detailing the sexual harassment he had faced during his time on the team.

Robert Griffin III, 31, had announced that the book ‘Surviving Washington’ – which is set to be released in August 2022- will detail his experiences in ‘one of the most dysfunctional franchises in all of sports’ in a Twitter video on Wednesday.

The book is said to detail events relating to medical mismanagement, sexual harassment, and the power struggles in the organization during his time playing for the team between 2012 and 2014.

No further details on the incidents of harassment that Griffin alleges have yet been shared.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Tommy Taylor