Israel’s Coronavirus Czar Says Country Should Consider Vaccine Mandate

JERUSALEM, Israel – Israel’s coronavirus czar Prof. Salman Zarka said Wednesday that Israel should consider making COVID vaccines compulsory, but stressed it was only his opinion and does not reflect any actual government policy.

“I think we need to examine all the options, including the option of mandating vaccination in the State of Israel,” Zarka told Radio 103FM in an interview.

Zarka previously opposed a vaccine mandate but said his opinion changed due to the new Omicron variant. Zarka believes more can be done to keep unvaccinated individuals from experiencing the brunt of the disease and hospitalizations.

“There are 680,000 people in Israel who have not been vaccinated at all. We are constantly trying to reach them,” he added. “It is quite clear to me that they are not vaccine refusers, but looking at what happened to us in the fourth wave of epidemic, which hit the unvaccinated more than others, one has to consider how such people will be vaccinated.”

He clarified that his comments were his opinion alone and said there would be no “surprise” law mandating vaccines in Israel.

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Source: CBN