This Giving Tuesday, MAF Hopes to Raise $80,000 for Gospel aviation

Photo courtesy of MAF.

With December just around the corner, the Christmas season is upon us! For believers, that means celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, Immanuel, “God with us.”

But what about those who don’t yet know Jesus? What are you willing to do to get the Gospel to unreached people?

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) uses aircraft to fly into remote and unreached areas with aid, resources, medical transports, and spiritual hope.

Nathan Jones, MAF’s media marketing coordinator says, “MAF was started just over 76 years ago, by former World War II pilots, and we use small specialized aircraft to reach isolated villages around the world. We’re in a bunch of different countries in Asia, in Africa, as well as in Latin America. We use small specialized aircraft to make it accessible for isolated villages to be impacted by the love of Jesus.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Lyndsay Koh


  • Ask the Lord to bless MAF’s ministry.
  • Pray for new believers like Liku to grow in passion for sharing their faith.