Issues Raised in Report Commissioned by Time’s Up as Group Pledges ‘Major Reset’

Some important issues have been raised by Time’s Up as the advocacy group pledges a major reset. The report comes three months after a damaging scandal forced the departure of chief executive Tina Tchen over revelations that the group’s leaders advised former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration after he was first accused of sexual harassment last year.

Issues include termination of most of the staff, confusion over purpose and mission, lack of focus on long-term goals, ineffective communication internally and externally, lack of accountability for top officials, especially the CEO, too politically partisan, and too aligned with Hollywood.

“We’re going to rebuild and reset and come back in a way that honors our mandate, incorporates the voices of our critics, learns from our findings … and holds ourselves accountable but also lives up to our potential,” said Ashley Judd, one of the group’s most visible members and a key early voice in the broader #MeToo movement, in an interview.

Judd and Monifa Bandele, the interim leader since September insisted that Time’s Up remains crucially important as an advocacy group for women.

Judd who claims to have been harrassed by a producer says she looked to the home page of SAG, the Screen Actors Guild, for help. “There was no help for me. And today, because of Time’s Up, on my union membership card there’s a sexual harassment hotline.”