How to Survive the Holidays around Narcissistic People

Here come the holidays, bringing with them lots of socializing and lots of exposure to your unique family or friend group dynamics. While there are some family members and friends you will be excited to spend time with, there are also those that you may dread seeing—for good reason!

Maybe one of the most difficult personality types to deal with is a narcissist. We have all known at least one; that person who needs to be the center of every conversation, interrupts others often, and has an inflated sense of their own accomplishments—and can’t wait to tell you all about every last one of them. An old narcissist joke goes like this: “I used to be a narcissist…but now look at me!”

Narcissists rarely apologize, either, even when called out on their behavior. An apology from a narcissist may sound something like, “I’m sorry if you think I’m being abusive,” or, “I’m sorry; are you happy now?” Not much of an apology at all.

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Source: Crosswalk