How to Establish Healthy Boundaries with Your In-Laws

In order to have healthy, life-giving relationships with in-laws (or anyone), we have to continually pay attention to boundaries.

David tells us in Psalm 16:6 that the Lord (the Father) has established his boundary lines, (space, territory) in pleasant or beautiful places. In other words, God intends for the places He gives us to dwell to be beautiful and pleasant.

Our homes are one of these sacred places. They are the places set apart for us to establish and develop family. When couples get married, they are establishing a new family and they must determine what their sacred space looks and feels like. They must be willing to “leave and cleave” to one another. Boundary lines must be established with friends and family. Unfortunately, healthy relationships with family can be the most challenging to establish and form. If the in-laws are causing a disruption in this pleasantness, perhaps the boundary lines need to be evaluated or even established.

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Source: Crosswalk