Snapshot Memes Send by High School Junior Leads to his Expulsion; Court Sides With Student

A 17-year-old Manheim Township School District high school junior, identified as J.S. in court records, was suspended and then expelled over a series of messages sent to a friend in April 2018. The messages ridiculed a third student, saying he looked like a school shooter because he had long hair and wore T-shirts bearing the name of death metal band Cannibal Corpse.

The second student briefly shared J.S.’s Snapchat memes with a group of 20-40 other students before taking them down at the request of J.S. But a recipient told his parent, a district employee, who in turn notified the principal.

J.S. said he meant no harm and was just joking and that he meant for the message to be private.

The court sided with J.S. and overturned the expulsion stating that the message was sent from his personal phone at home and did not threaten anyone.

Police determined there was no threat to school safety and administrators notified parents and teachers about the incident.

McKinley said J.S. never returned to the Lancaster County high school, instead ending up in a private cyber school. He is now a college student.