Boston MedFlight Forced To Take Patients Out Of State Due To Hospital Bed Shortage

BOSTON (CBS) – Some critically ill patients onboard Boston MedFlight helicopters — bound for one of the city’s several hospitals — have flown into a harsh reality of late. No available ICU beds.

“That’s happened half a dozen times in the last 10 days,” says Boston MedFlight CEO Maura Hughes.

Instead, they went to hospitals in neighboring states — Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Hampshire.

“It’s not a great solution,” Hughes says, “particularly for the patient’s family, when you tell them ‘Yes, we have a bed. But it’s in Connecticut.”

Boston MedFlight — a non-profit that shuttled 5,700 patients last year by chopper, plane and ground ambulance — is calling attention to the troublesome “perfect storm” that’s filling local hospital beds — and not just in the intensive care ward.

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Source: CBS