Black Civil War Veteran Alexander Johnson Finally Recognized by Michigan City of Owosso

After more than a year of researching the city of Owosso history, residents stumbled upon a long-forgotten African-American civil war veteran.

And today he was finally recognized.

His name is Alexander Johnson. He was also a business owner and a prominent person in Owosso.

Residents say they’re still learning more about his story but it’s only the beginning.

“He was a self-supporting professional, a barber, a well-regarded member of the community,  and was welcomed by many of the civic leaders at the time,” said Tom Cook, member of Owosso Rotary Club.

Alexander Johnson was also a civil war veteran, who’s story was lost in history.

“We’re hearing in little bits and pieces but it’s not the whole picture. And we want to look at the big picture of Owosso and go forward on our best foot,” said Barbara Bakeromerod, President of Owosso’s Rotary Club.

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SOURCE: WLNS, Ya-Marie Sesay