Dr. John MacArthur Says a Man Saves a Woman From ‘An Unfulfilled Life’ by Marrying Her and He Gets on Young Men by Asking Them What in the World Are You Waiting for in Marrying a Young Woman. Now Even Though Dr. John MacArthur, Who Daniel Whyte III Refers to Not Only as a Pastor and Teacher but a Prophet, Is Going to Catch National Hell for This Statement, He Concurs and He Praises Church Leaders Magazine for Having the Courage to Run This Controversial Article Without Watering It Down. As Mentioned, Daniel Whyte III Concurs With Dr. John MacArthur Because as He Has Said Many Times God Has Designed a Phat Woman to Pull a Young Man Out of His Parents House Into His Own House With His Wife and He Too Has Repeatedly Expressed Concern as to Why Young Men Are Not Going After These Beautiful Women That God Has Made.