Daniel Whyte III Says the Only Reason Why Over 30 Percent of Millennials Are Homosexuals and Lesbians Is Because the So-called Evangelical Church, Which Includes Baptists, Charismatics, and So-called Bible-believing Christians, Have Failed God, Jesus Christ, and Millennials By Not Preaching the Gospel to Them and by Not Preaching Against the Abomination of Homosexuality and by Not Preaching on Hell, Helping Them to Understand That if They Don’t Trust Christ as Saviour and Turn Away From These Evil Things They Will Go to Hell. And the Sad Fact Is Over 50 Percent of Preachers and Their Wives Are Homosexuals and Lesbians on the Down Low and Swingers

Bishop Xavier Novell, Who Left the Church for Whoredom Writer (Erotica Writer), Is Accused of Being Demon-Possessed and Now Works at a Company Which Produces and Exports Pig Semen. How Low Can the Devil and Sin Make You Go? Someone Once Said, “Sin Will Take You Further Than You Wanted to Go, Keep You Longer Than You Wanted to Stay, and Make You Pay More Than You Wanted to Pay.” Daniel Whyte III Says What a Proverb and an Example Is Being Made of This Man to Preachers Everywhere to Stop Looking at Pornography, Stop Reading Pornography, Stop Having Sex With Women They Aren’t Married to, and Stop Being Homosexuals on the Down Low, Because This, My Friend, Is as Low as You Can Go

Daniel Whyte III Says the Navy Ship That Was Named After Homosexual Harvey Milk Is an Abomination. It Is a Slap in the Face to God Almighty and Is Another Major Reason Why God Will Destroy America and Why America’s Military Is Already Disrespected and Failing Around the World and It Is the Reason Why I Am Telling President Biden Do Not Get Into a War With China, Russia, and/or Iran Because God Is Not With You, God Is Not With America, and God Is Not With the American Military Anymore. If Biden Sends This Ship Against Putin and Russia, I Assure You This Will Be the First Ship They Are Going to Sink Because Even the Otherwise Evil Russia and China and Iran Have Enough Sense to Not Enshrine in Their Law for One Stinking Man to Be With Another Stinking Man and One Woman to Be With Another Woman and They Have Enough Sense to Not Say That a Man Is a Woman and a Woman Is a Man When God Made Him a Man and Her a Woman. God has said, “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.”