Why Some Women Hate the Proverbs 31 Woman; Daniel Whyte III Says No Truly Saved Person Male or Female, Should Hate Any Part of the Bible. What God Wants Us to Do as Born-again People Is Conform to It and Then the Blessing Arrives

I feel like Proverbs 31 woman is tainted.

My high school mentor (a man) once challenged me to memorize Proverbs 31 over the summer.

I did, but to be honest, I was 15 and didn’t know what a distaff was or exactly what it meant to choose flax. I didn’t have a husband and, at that point in my life, didn’t care to ever have one. I thought it was a weird passage to memorize and that it didn’t really apply all that well to me.

Then, every time a teenage girl made a painfully insecure remark on how fat or ugly she felt, a group of Christian girls would chant, “PROVERBS 31:30!! PROVERBS 31:30!!” in her face. (“Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.”)

It was less of an encouragement to fear the Lord, and more of a social chastisement for seeking compliments. It was thrown at me a few times when I had voiced genuine fears or concerns, in the place of sympathy or love.

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Source: By Aubry Smith, Church Leaders