MENA Leadership Center Spearheads Digital Discipleship in Iraq

MENA Leadership Center partners with more than 132 ministries throughout the Middle East and North Africa. (Photo courtesy of MENA Leadership Center)

Discipleship seeds planted in March are beginning to bear fruit in Iraq.

MENA Leadership Center held a unique course for Iraqi leaders this spring. “There were 40 leaders across several denominations, everything from Roman Catholic to Missionary Alliance,” CEO Jennifer Murff says.

“They all gathered to learn how to create a digital Church.”

Leaders from each denomination could apply the material differently according to their traditions. A central theme brought participants together.

“These ministry leaders took three days out of their schedules not just to learn how to broadcast an online service,” Murff says, “but how to build an intentional online community that provides worship, ministry, fellowship, and discipleship, so that the church can be effective.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray for creativity and wisdom as Iraqi Christians navigate digital ministry.