Here We Go: In the UK, The Christian Institute’s ‘Let Us Pray’ Movement Says the Ban on Conversion Therapy Aims to Outlaw Prayer, Preaching and Pastoral Care but It Shouldn’t Be Illegal for Churches to Teach What They Believe

A Christian group in the United Kingdom has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the government’s attempt to ban so-called conversion therapy.

If passed, the measure could prevent ministers from praying for those coping with same-sex attraction and their sexual orientation.

The Christian Institute’s “Let Us Pray” movement says the ban on conversion therapy aims to outlaw prayer, preaching and pastoral care but it shouldn’t be illegal for churches to teach what they believe.

“We want to protect the freedom of Christians to teach and practice their beliefs,” the group’s website reads. “Christians believe in marriage between a man and a woman as the only context for sex. This belief is mainstream, biblically-based, long-standing, and implies no malice towards anyone.”

Conversion therapy is a phrase used by LGBTQ advocates who say the practice is harmful to individuals and could drive someone to hurt themselves or commit suicide.

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Source: CBN