This Is Not Smart People: Minneapolis to Vote Tuesday on Replacing Police Department, but Some Residents Skeptical as Crime Rate Soars

In the wake of George Floyd’s death 18 months ago, Minneapolis voters go to the polls Tuesday to decide the fate of their city’s police department.

The proposal on the ballot, which comes from the abolish-the-police movement that erupted after Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer last year, would replace the police department and a required number of officers with a new Department of Public Safety.

But as several news outlets have reported, residents remain divided on how the city should handle its law enforcement.

According to Reuters, its recent conversations with dozens of Minneapolis voters across racial and socio-economic lines revealed a range of views. But the outlet also noted, nearly all expressed confusion over what exactly would happen if the proposal is approved.

The proposal to replace the police has drawn strong support from younger black activists who became organized after Floyd’s death, as well as from some black and white residents.

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Source: CBN