Double Vaccinated White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Tests Positive for Coronavirus Plague and Reveals She Has Mild Symptoms: She Last Saw Biden on Tuesday. Mr. President, This Is Why Millions of People Do Not Want to Take the Vaccine; They Remember When They Got the Measles Vaccine and They Didn’t Get Measles, They Remember When They Got the Polio Vaccine and They Didn’t Get Polio, but Here You Have People Getting Two and Three Shots and Still Getting the Coronavirus Plague. This Is Getting Comically Ridiculous to Many Americans

There Is Something Wrong Somewhere Regarding This Vaccine Mandate When Doctors, Nurses, Police Officers, Emergency Medical Technicians, First Responders, Firefighters, and Pilots Do Not Want to Take the Vaccine. There’s Something Wrong When Something Would Make Airlines Lie About What the Real Problem Is, Which Is People Refusing to Take the Shot – American Airlines Cancels a Quarter of Its Entire Sunday Schedule – 634 Flights – and Blames Strong Wind in Dallas and Staff Shortages for Ongoing Chaos That’s Seen 1,500 Flights Axed This Weekend