Israeli Test of Drone Deliveries Could Signal ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’

Military drones have been filling the skies over troubled regions for years and the race is underway worldwide to make them more relevant in everyday life. One pioneering effort is in Israel is being called part of a Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Drones could become the delivery vehicles of the future. At a recent demonstration drones completed a special mission as they landed in Tel Aviv near the beach — delivering sushi from Japanika restaurant some seven miles away in Herzliya.

Alon Abelson is CEO and co-founder of Highlander, a drone and unmanned traffic management solution (UTM) that helps keep the skies safe for this growing technology.

“You see, you can see multi drones taking off doing delivery, coming back, land, finish the delivery process. Everything autonomously,” Abelson explained at the demonstration. It’s the third of eight stages expected to reach new heights over the next two years.

“So, there is no pilot involved, no one is flying the drone and you still need someone to make sure the drones flying avoid collid[ing] between themselves, landing safety in the right location,” Abelson told CBN News.

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Source: CBN