There’s a Devil Loose: Brawl Breaks Out at Eighth-graders’ Football Game After ‘Racist Slurs Where Hurled at Players’: Two White Parents Are Charged With Assaulting Two Black 13-year-old Boys

A youth football game in Maryland descended into a brawl among 30 people after racist slurs were hurled at players in a predominently black team, and two white parents have been charged with assaulting two black teenagers.

Nicole Starr Ellis, 31, and Keith Gregory Lockner, 32, were each charged with second-degree assault against two 13-year-old black players after a referee’s call caused a fiery backlash.

The Olney Bears, made up of predominantly black and hispanic children, was winning against the North Carroll Colts, whose players are predominantly white children, when the referee made the call.

According to police the game had to be called off early as a brawl broke out among coaches, parents and players who walked off the field, as reported by ABC News.

The mother of a 14-year-old player Donna Jackson witnessed the fight and recounted the events in an interview with

‘My son was upset because he’s like: “They’re telling us to go back where we came from and they’re calling us n*****s on the field.”‘

Jackson said that she told her son to ‘keep his head up,’ adding that she cited the adage ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me’ but her son couldn’t shake off the name-calling and taunting.

‘They kept telling us to go home, you don’t belong here,’ the teen told his mother.

‘This was racially-motivated,’ Jackson said of the incident. ‘This is why everything transpired – because in the beginning they were taunting the kids telling them to go back to their home and calling them little n*****s on the field’.

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Source: Daily Mail