Early Rain Covenant Church preacher, family endure persecution, harassment at home

(Chengdu, Sichuan Province—October 26, 2021)On Sunday October 24, Early Rain Covenant Church’s preacher Mr. Dai Zhichao and his family faced harassment in their home.

A group of unknown people beat on Brother Dai’s door in the early morning. They vandalized it with the message “Pay your debt”. The keyhole to the house was also completely filled with glue. At 10 AM, someone cut off his power. Dai inquired the community management office, but they lied to him over the phone, saying his power shut off due a circuit breaker jump. The electricity resumed shortly after their phone call. Dai and his family were without power for seven hours.

Dai Zhichao is the leader of “Tashui,” a small group of Early Rain Covenant Church. Tashui endures heavy persecution from police in Chengdu. Last week, Dai Zhichao and his entire family were detained for over 10 hours.

After the most recent harassment, Brother Dai reported the whole day’s situation to the church, asking believers to pray for his family:

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Source: ChinaAid