Deputy Working at Correctional Facility While Under Criminal Investigation

While still under criminal investigation, a Kansas sheriff’s deputy Jeremy Rodriguez was hired at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility. He was caught on dashcam running over a Black man who was fleeing shirtless across a field.

Lionel Womack himself a former law enforcement officer, alleges Kiowa County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Rodriguez intentionally drove over him during the August 15, 2020 incident. Womack says he sustained serious injuries to his back, pelvis, and right thigh, knee and foot. Rodriguez denied he intentionally swerved his truck to run over Womack.

Attorney Michael Kuckelman, who represents Womack, wrote in a letter Tuesday to Kansas Secretary of Corrections Jefferey Zmuda and Warden Dan Schnurr that he was “shocked” to learn in a deposition that they would employ Rodriguez, who works as a master sergeant at the facility.

Kuckelman encouraged them to discuss the ongoing criminal investigations with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.