Zuckerberg reveals augmented reality headset that will bring his ‘metaverse’ to life when it is released next year as he changes company name to Meta

Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, announced a new high-end virtual and augmented reality headset codenamed ‘Project Cambria’ on Thursday.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke very briefly about the device during the live-streamed virtual and augmented reality Connect 2021 keynote conference that focused on the metaverse and revealed the new name of the social media platform.

However, Zuckerberg discussed several Project Cambria features including sensors that enable a user’s avatar to make natural eye contact and facial expressions in real time while in the metaverse.

The headset will also allow for mixed reality – the merging of real and virtual worlds to produce new environments – using cameras that pass high-resolution full-color video to the headset’s screens.

Zuckerberg said Project Cambria is ‘not the next Quest,’ although it will be compatible with the device, but will be its own product and cost more than the current headsets.

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Source: Daily Mail