Loudoun County sheriff accuses the school board of ‘firing people up and calling cops to clean it up’ after ‘extraordinary’ request for 65 officers at their August meeting

Sheriffs from Loudoun County are seen on June 22 arresting a parent after a contentious meeting of the school board

Law enforcement officers turned down a request by Loudoun County school district for dozens of police and sheriffs at their meeting this summer, accusing the school board of being provocative and causing their own problems.

The Virginia district has been the epicenter of anger this summer at school curricula and policies – in particular, the teaching of critical race theory and rules regarding transgender students.

A June 22 meeting in the district descended into violence and chaos, with brawls and police called to make several arrests.

The superintendent of Loudoun County Public Schools, Scott Ziegler, wrote to Michael Chapman of Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office on August 6 to request support for their next meeting, scheduled for August 10.

Ziegler sent an emailed list of his requirements: three sheriffs inside the administrative building; a K-9 explosive sweep before the meeting; a team of five sheriffs as a quick-reaction force on site near the building; undercover sheriffs in the building; a civil disturbance unit on standby near by; a special operations team on standby near the site; and a joint command post, with an onsite commander.

He also wanted, according to the communication obtained by Fox News, a security briefing ahead of the session.

Chapman replied to the email, stating: ‘Your request is extraordinary and would likely constitute LCSO’s commitment of a minimum of approximately 65 sworn deputies.

‘Despite this, you fail to provide any justification for such a manpower intensive request.’

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