See This Is the Kind of Demonic Foolish Talk That Will Get a Lot of People Killed in the Next Civil War and Many of Them Will Be Black People Who Love All People Including White People: Rutgers University professor Brittney Cooper calls white people ‘villains’, says ‘Critical Race Theory is just the proper teaching of American history’ and praises dwindling white birth rates in online discussion

A New Jersey professor said that ‘we got to take white people out’ during a discussion on the national backlash on Critical Race Theory.

Brittney Cooper, 41, a professor at Rutgers University, made the shocking comment during an online discussion with The Root’s Michael Harriot titled Unpacking The Attacks On Critical Race Theory on September 21.

She started by saying on the topic: ‘Kids actually can grasp Critical Race Theory because the issue that the right has, is that Critical Race Theory is just the proper teaching of American history.’

She said the accurate portrayal of history was the white people ‘didn’t discover America’ because there were already indigenous people and that they had ‘committed acts of violence in order to make yourselves seem superior.’

Cooper added: ‘It’s not that white people don’t know what they have done,’ presumably referencing slavery, which was abolished in 1865 after a nearly 300-year-long stint of being legal.

‘They fear that there is no other way to be human than the way in which they are human’ noting that whenever she speaks to a white person they write off ‘all of this power’ as merely a part of ‘human nature’.

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Source: Daily Mail