Some People Are Losing Their Minds: Piers Morgan Says This Callous Young Woman’s Horrific Photo-preen Beside Her Father’s Corpse Is the Worst Thing I’ve Ever Seen on Instagram and Exposes a Sickening Moral Vacuum at the Heart of Like-obsessed Young ‘influencers’

What’s been the worst photo you’ve seen on Instagram?

There are so many candidates for this coveted title that I’m only surprised there isn’t now a Shameful Selfie awards ceremony, not least because all the perpetrators would definitely attend ‘for the gram’ such is their shocking lack of self-awareness.

You could even lower the winners through a trapdoor on stage into a pool of ravenous sharks and they’d still view it as a price worth paying for going viral.

A popular humorous website called ‘Runt Of The Web’ records some of the most deplorable outrages perpetrated on Instagram.

As it says: ‘What happens when you mix unbridled narcissism with unyielding stupidity and millions of teenagers willing to document every moment of their life? Why, the worst Instagram pictures ever.’

Their list of shame includes a photo of a grim-faced old lady lying in a hospital bed being peppered with $100 bills by two of her grandchildren.

‘My sister and I visiting my nana at #stanfordhospital,’ reads the caption, ‘making her happy by making it rain with #hundreds.

The poor woman doesn’t look happy at all – she looks horrified.

Others on the list include a young woman posting a photo of her badly gashed and openly bleeding leg right after she was knifed in a fight, with the words: ‘Talk about a rough Monday lol #stabbed #cantfeelmyleg.’

It’s those letters ‘lol’ that ironically made one laugh out loud, but in shocked revulsion not hilarity.

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Source: Daily Mail