St. James African Methodist Episcopal Church in Thorofare, New Jersey, Is Being Accused of Rejecting Their Bishop-Appointed Pastor Ratona Stokes-Robinson Because of Her Gender. The Truth of the Matter Is That According to the Bible, a Woman Can Be a Prophetess and Even Preach, but She Cannot Be a Pastor Over Men in the Local Church Setting. She Can Be Over Women and Children but She Cannot Be a Pastor at a Church Over a Mixed Congregation. In Fact, One of the Biggest Problems in the Church Today Is Women Rising Above Men and Having Authority Over Men in the Church and in the Home and That Is One of the Reasons Why I Believe God Has Caused the Coronavirus Plague to Hit the Church Very Hard and to Shut Down the Church Which Quite Frankly, as Far as I Know Has Never Been Done Universally in the History of the World With the Possible Exception of the Bubonic Plague. Jesus Christ Said, “As Many as I Love, I Rebuke and Chasten.” This Movement of Women Wanting to Be Pastors Was Afoot Big Time Before the Coronavirus Plague Hit, Even in the Conservative Southern Baptist Convention and Other Denominations, but Since the Coronavirus Plague-pandemic Hit, That Has Quieted Down Quite a Bit to Say the Least and It Should Stay That Way Because It Is Out of Order. Retired Bishop Gregory G. M. Ingram, Who Appointed Her to Be Pastor of the Church, and Bishop Julius Harrison McAllister, Sr., Who Is Over Her Now, Should Both Stand Down on This Issue and Let the Local Church Do What Local Churches Do, Because They Have No Biblical Grounds for This. Here’s What the Word of God Has to Say About It: