Here We Go: Doctor creates world’s first unisex condom

Doctors claim to have created the world’s first unisex condom that can be worn by both men and women — and it will cost just £1.30.

Malaysian gynaecologist Dr John Tang Ing Chinh said he designed the Wondaleaf Unisex Condom to allow people take better control of their sexual health regardless of their sex or sexual orientation.

A sticky strip is attached to the entire area between the thighs to hold the condom in place for women.

Men put on the contraceptive as they normally would but can use the same adhesive strip to make it watertight and reduce the risk of it falling off during intercourse.

It is made from ultrathin medical grade polyurethane, which is usually used as a dressing for injuries and wounds and in surgical gloves.

Doctors say it is sturdier than traditional latex so there is less chance of the condom splitting.

Wondaleaf released an instructional video for how to use the contraceptive, which states the adhesive does not hurt when peeled off slowly.

Each box contains two condoms, and will cost £2.62 ($3.62). The average price for a dozen condoms in the UK ranges from £6.99 ($9.65) to £12.99 ($17.93).

It is currently only available in Malaysia but the company has begun work to ensure it meets safety standards in other countries around the world, it says. It is available to order from the company’s website.

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Source: Daily Mail