Floyd Mayweather Turns Down a Fan’s Request for a Selfie Because He Doesn’t Want to Take a Picture With a Man Who Has Painted Nails

Floyd Mayweather attended the Western Conference game between the Clippers and Grizzlies at the STAPLES center on October 23rd and his presence obviously caught the attention of his fans throughout the game. Floyd fans waited for the game to end (Grizzlies won 120-114) to ask him for autographs and photos. But a young fan was unable to take a picture with Floyd Mayweather, as Floyd saw that the young fan had his fingernails painted black.

When Floyd noticed that his fan had painted nails he said: “You got painted nails, I don’t take pictures with guys with no painted nails,” and the fan was unable to approach Floyd to take a picture with him. Other fans were able to take pictures with Floyd Mayweather but it seems the only fan who couldn’t take a selfie with the boxing champion was the young man with painted nails.

Everything was videotaped by the fan who wanted a photo with Floyd, as reported by TMZ a few hours ago. The reactions were not long in coming against Floyd Mayweather, some people labeled Floyd as a man with “toxic masculinity”, other people are in favor of Floyd and his right to take pictures with whoever he wants.

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Source: Bolavip